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SCCA Trophies Available 2015

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Trophy Chair

Pam Hofmann,

Assistant Trophy Chair

Pam Puckett,

The SCCA Specialty counts on its members, exhibitors, and friends to sponsor individual trophies. If you sponsored a particular trophy or donated to the General Trophy Fund, we thank you from the bottoms of our tired little hearts for your kind contributions.

Have a soft spot in your heart for the puppies? Consider sponsoring a Puppy trophy in the Sweeps or in regular Classes. How about encouraging a promising Junior Handler? Maybe you'd like to memorialize a special Sammie or Sammie person. Too many options? We will gratefully accept donations to the General Trophy Fund as well.

Most trophies can be had for as little as $20, and there are still some big trophies available! We'll be updating this list as frequently as possible. If you have any questions about whether a trophy is still available, contact the Trophy Donation Chair.

What do you get for your donation dollars? If you get your donation to the Trophy Donation Chair by August 15, you'll get your name, your kennel name (if you have one), and your dedication listed in the 2014 Specialty catalog. You'll also get to make someone's day — or even bring the trophy home yourself, if you win it. Not only that, but you'll earn the undying thanks of the Specialty Committee. Every trophy sponsorship provides funds toward putting on a great National Specialty.

What's Available?

This list contains all of the available trophies and placements. It will be updated from time to time.

Can't Decide?

So you'd like to sponsor a trophy, but can't decide which one to pick? That's OK — a number of people have already donated to the General Trophy Fund. Your general trophy donation helps us fund all of the trophies that don't have individual sponsors. You can still be thanked publicly in the show catalog if you get your donation in by August 15!

Here is a price list for trophies.

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How To Sponsor a Trophy

It's easy to sponsor a trophy! Before you start, just remember these simple but important AKC rules for dedicating trophies (Per AKC Show Trial Manual 2-17 & 2-18 and AKC Show Policy Sec. 4-3 IV): "In Memory of" — Person or dog must be deceased "In Honor of" — Person is living, but no longer an active breeder or exhibitor There is no category for living dogs.

Two Ways to Pay!

Now that you've selected the trophy (or better yet, trophies) that you'd like to sponsor, either check out through paypal or email us your choice and snail mail a check to us!

Snail mail: Mail your forms and checks to:

C/O Pam Puckett
1032 E. Kramer St.
Mesa, AZ 85203

NOTE: Please copy emails about trophies to both Pams ( and (